Even those with the most beautiful and healthy teeth are affected by caries. For caries prevention and treatment it is important to maintain good oral hygiene and regularly check your teeth at your dentist.

The dentist will clean the teeth from the deposits and calculus, treat the caries and, if necessary, place a dental fillings (sealant). Caries is one of the most common diseases and is experienced by as many as 92% of adults. Caries is also becoming more common because of a diet rich in sugars that cause bacterial development.

Bacteria feed on the residues of food on the teeth and create acids that destroy enamel and dental tissue. In the resulting cavity, new bacteria develop that penetrate deeper into the tooth.

Caries is a disease that is progressing slowly and, if noticed on time, can be cured by removing the affected dental tissue. Dental fillings are placed in the cavity that forms in the tooth.

The fillings compensate for the lost hard tissue of the tooth, while restoring the lost function, appearance and shape of the tooth. We use contemporary materials (composites) that make the tooth firmer and the filling itself more durable. In addition, composites look more natural in the mouth than obsolete dark fillings (amalgams).

The development of caries is prevented by regular proper brushing of the teeth, and continues in the dental practice by regular exams and regular professional cleaning. The dentist removes hard (calculus) and soft deposits on the teeth and reaches hard-to-reach places that we cannot properly clean ourselves.

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